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What is the360mix?

At the360mix, we offer an amazing mix of healthy snacks for all lifestyle diets, delivered straight to your doorstep one time or on a subscription basis. So, no need for trips to different stores to get your favorite snacks! Subscribing to the360mix is like a surprise box of nutritious goodies every month, varying month to month.

Our goal is to offer a 360-degree variety in lifestyle diet preferences. Today, we’re covering a couple of them, but we’re well on the way. The Gluten Free, Under 200 Kcal, Vegan Friendly and Protein snack boxes are already here. The Keto box will be coming soon...stay tuned.

Treat yourself and join in on this delicious adventure today!

What are the benefits of the360mix?


Snacks these days are constantly tempting you with a "healthy halo" - appearing virtuous on the outside, but secretly not living up to their promises. Food companies have perfected the art of illusion when it comes to product advertising. With the help of an experienced functional nutritionist, we go above and beyond what is written on product packaging, looking at every single ingredient to create a genuinely healthy snack menu that caters to all lifestyles.


We want to make your snacking experience easier than ever. We source only the healthiest snacks for you, and package 12-14 of them into a box tailored to your diet preferences - something no other company in the UAE offers. Plus, we deliver them straight to your door so that there's nothing standing between you and a healthy snack break.


In addition, our snacks are taste-tested, so you can trust us to provide only the best. Why don't you join us on our quest for snack perfection by becoming a part of our exclusive taste-testing panel? Reach out if you're ready to join in the tasty fun!


What is inside a box?

You can shop based on your lifestyle diet needs - we currently have Gluten Free, Under 200 Kcal, Vegan Friendly and High Protein boxes. Or, moment-based needs, for those special moments in life like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Ramadan, or school snacks for the little ones.

Each box includes an assortment of 12-14 healthy snacks that are free from artificial colors, nasty chemicals and trans fat, and are low in sugar. Nutritionists say a healthy eating style can include one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon snack each day. Lucky for you, we've developed over 30 servings per box so that means that one box will last up to a minimum of 15 days.

How many servings are in each box?

Our boxes contain an abundance of snack servings - in fact, each boasts more than 30 (with the only exception of the protein box). With 2 tasty and nutritious treats a day, a box will last at least 15 days. The weight per serving and box will always depend on each individual snack.

What is the "Best By" date of your snacks?

Each snack is clearly labeled so you know exactly when it's best to enjoy. Some snacks don't include any artificial preservatives, resulting in shorter shelf life than mass-produced alternatives – but totally worth it for that extra burst of real flavor.

What allergy information do you provide?

Allergy sensitivity is important to us, which is why we provide a designated field where you can easily enter your individual needs. Rather than guesswork, we quickly discover what snacks should be included and omitted, ensuring the safest possible experience for all of our customers.


How does a subscription work?

When you purchase a subscription you will receive repeat deliveries. These are based on the subscription term that you select. Your payment details will be stored securely and you will be charged for each of these deliveries.

With our "one month" option, you can enjoy a single surprise box. Our "3 months" subscription term delivers 1 unique box per month for a period of 3 months, so you'll receive 3 surprise boxes. "6 months" = 1 box per month for a period of 6 months; "12 months" = 1 box per month for a period of 12 months. You get the idea...

If your plans change or something comes up in between deliveries - simply adjust your settings any time to skip a week or make changes to the order.

Does my subscription auto-renew?

Subscriptions will end automatically after the set term. If your purchase date is on the 25th of a particular month and you chose 3-month recurring deliveries, your subscription will end on the 26th of the third month. This prevents future renewals, it does not cancel existing orders. It means that your subscription will not renew in the future, after the third month. So you can keep your plan without worrying about extra charges. No worries and no hassle!


Do you ship to my area?

Our services are currently limited to the United Arab Emirates, but we look forward to providing our products to new areas in the future.

When does my order ship?

Next day delivery across the UAE for orders placed before 4pm. You'll receive an order confirmation when we've received and processed your order, followed by a tracking email as soon as the box has been shipped. Orders placed after 4pm will be picked up on the following day.

I noticed One Tree Planted at checkout. Who are they?

Doing good, made simple. One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization that partners with carefully selected reforestation organizations across the globe. We're happy to host donations towards their mission!

For every tip you leave when checking out, one tree will be planted. Together we can restore forests, create habitats for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world, in partnership with One Tree Planted.

What is your refund policy?

We strive to provide delicious and healthy treats for our customers. What's more important is delivering an excellent Customer Experience. Some of the snacks we curate are perishable and have short shelf lives, so all orders placed through the360mix.com are final - no refunds or exchanges will be accepted on purchased items. Please don't hesitate to reach out should you run into any issues - hello@the360mix.com. We're here for your satisfaction!

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