New Healthy Snack Box Organization Pays Homage To Women

New healthy snack box organization pays homage to women | the360mix

All snacks come in iconic colors of purple and green, symbolizing justice and hope

[PRESS RELEASE] March 6, 2023, Dubai, UAE – New healthy snack company, the360mix has released a carefully curated snack box to celebrate International Women’s Day, with all 12 snacks inside depicting the colors commemorating the day – purple and green, symbolizing justice and hope.

Tamara Deprez, Director at the360mix, stated that International Women’s Day is an opportunity for everyone, regardless of gender, to acknowledge and honor the progress that has been made towards equality, while also recognizing how much further we have to go.

“While our products are tailored to fit lifestyle diet needs, we also compile healthy snack boxes to celebrate various occasions, without overindulging in calories, fats, sugars and chemical nasties.”

“Snacks these days are constantly tempting you with a "healthy halo" – appearing virtuous on the outside, but secretly not living up to their promises. At the360mix, we are aiming to change this, going above and beyond what is written on product packaging, looking at every single ingredient to make sure that what appears on your doorstep is nothing short of pure goodness,” she continues.

Backed by science.

What makes their products healthy? Their entire product offering is based on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules, regulations, and guidance. Tamara explains, “From ingredient lists to flashy packaging, food marketers know their stuff - and so do we. We put many hours in studying food labels and ingredients, with the help of an experienced functional nutritionist. We examine each product with a critical eye to ensure we offer you the very best quality products available on the market today.”

The result? Well-curated boxes of healthy snacks carefully tailored to your lifestyle needs.

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About the360mix

the360mix is redefining the healthy experience by delivering one-time or subscription boxes of healthy snacks, taste-tested and vetted by a functional nutritionist. Whether gluten-free, vegan, low calories or just a healthy mix of snacks, the360mix strives to be the online snack destination for those looking for healthy lifestyle options. Its guiding mission is to enhance wellbeing at home, school and work, seeking to help people understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle.



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