Experience the Epicenter of Global F&B at Gulfood

With the360mix in attendance, experience the epicenter of global F&B at Gulfood | the360mix

Next week, Dubai will be the global epicenter for F&B brands and suppliers to convene at Gulfood's 28th annual food exhibition. With the360mix in attendance, this is a unique opportunity for participants to explore bold flavors from around the world and discover unprecedented trends - the "endless possibilities" of Web 3.0 and the Food Metaverse. Renowned names like Unilever and McCain will join regional stakeholders including Agthia and Hunter Foods and many more who are ready to showcase their innovative products.

Gulfood leading the way in promoting sustainability

In the first half of 2022, a whopping 41,000 metric tons of food were imported into the UAE daily - and that number is predicted to continue growing. With an ever-increasing population and booming tourism industry, different cultures have resulted in various cuisines demanding fresh products.

“With the ongoing food crisis, combined with climate shocks, and rising costs of food, 2023 will be an important year for turning the corner and getting back on track while elevating healthy and diversified diets that are sustainable for people and the planet,” comments Trixie LohMirmand, Executive Vice President, Dubai World Trade Centre.

The launch of Gulfood Green

Gulfood is taking the lead to promote a greener and more sustainable food industry with its new global sustainability initiative, Gulfood Green. And what better way than launching their own international tree-planting campaign, aptly titled as "Gulfood Global Forest"? This inspiring effort will help combat major carbon emission issues while uniting stakeholders - from exhibitors, visitors, speakers and chefs alike - in an eco-friendly cause.

With an aim to create long-term sustainability, Gulfood Green has already gotten off the ground in four countries: UAE, Uganda, Ecuador and Indonesia. Local families and communities are being empowered with fruit-bearing trees that give them a chance of self-sufficiency.

At its upcoming conference, discussions will revolve around topics like reducing food waste; making the dairy industry more eco-friendly; building up viable sustainable businesses - all towards advancing environmental stability worldwide.

Let the flavor exploration begin

Be sure not to miss out on this exciting event - it's the perfect opportunity for discovering innovative flavors & trends taking over globally. 


If you're interested in us carrying your healthy snack products, please get in touch so we can meet up at Gulfood. Hope to see you there!


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