Celebrate World NGO Day By Supporting NGOs and Nonprofits in the UAE

World NGO Day - Clean Up Arabia memories with Ecocoast

Every year, February 27 marks World NGO Day, a day to celebrate the work of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and nonprofits around the world. In honor of this day, let's take a look at some of the amazing NGOs and nonprofits in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that we have supported or are currently supporting.

Examples of NGOs and nonprofits in Dubai

K9 Friends

K9 Friends is one of these organizations. It was founded in 1989 with the mission of rescuing stray dogs from the streets of Dubai and providing them with medical care, food, shelter, and most importantly – love. K9 Friends also works hard to find homes for these animals by working closely with potential adopters.

I personally used to volunteer with K9 Friends taking care of the dogs, washing them, giving them medication, playing with them, as well as selling promotional materials at markets throughout Dubai to raise funds for the organization. I even sponsored a dog!

Emirates Diving Association (EDA)

Another great NGO that I have supported is Emirates Diving Association. Founded in 1995 by divers in the UAE who wanted to promote safe diving practices among recreational divers and spear fishermen alike, Emirates Diving Association’s mission has grown over time into one focused on ocean conservation and education.

Before the pandemic hit us all last year, I was involved in Clean Up Arabia events hosted by Emirates Diving Association together with my employer at that time – Ecocoast – every year as part of our corporate social responsibility activities.

UAE Dolphin Project

Finally, another great organization I have supported is UAE Dolphin Project. This project aims to better understand dolphins living along the coasts of the UAE through sighting research carried out by volunteers both on land and at sea. This project provides valuable data, which can then be used to help protect these fascinating creatures from threats such as pollution or habitat destruction so they can thrive for generations to come.


These are just three great examples of amazing NGOs and nonprofits located within our own country whose missions we can get behind and support on World NGO Day – or any other day!

The work they do is not only important but also inspiring; it serves as an example of what each one us can achieve when we come together to create real change in our communities! So let’s take this opportunity today to recognize their incredible efforts while continuing to support them however we can!


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