How To Support World Cancer Day In The UAE

How to support World Cancer Day in the UAE

World Cancer Day is an important day for raising awareness about the impact of cancer across the globe. The UAE has a couple of activities planned for this international event, including the Pink Caravan Ride and a World Cancer Day Run. Read on to learn more about how you can join to increase awareness.

Scheduled activities in the UAE

The Pink Caravan Ride

Every year, the Pink Caravan Ride traverses throughout all seven emirates of the UAE to bring free breast cancer screenings to women and men alike. This year marks its 11th edition of its journey, beginning on February 4th.

All screenings are performed under the supervision of medical experts and provide an invaluable opportunity for individuals within the community to receive free health check-ups and educate themselves on early detection of cancer. More information on the Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP) website, the organizers of the event.

World Cancer Day Run Abu Dhabi

Organized by Abu Dhabi Sports Council, this run will take place at Al Mirfa Mangrove in Abu Dhabi on February 4th. Participants have the opportunity to run or walk their way around the mangroves. Join in with friends and family as you help raise awareness about cancer prevention through exercise and nutrition. For more information and to register, click here.


To support World Cancer Day in the UAE, join either (or both!) of these two wonderful initiatives. The Pink Caravan Ride is offering necessary medical check-ups which could save lives, while participating in the World Cancer Day Run Abu Dhabi allows you to spread awareness about cancer prevention while engaging in physical activity with your loved ones. Supporting World Cancer Day is one small step that we can take towards a healthier future together!


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